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Teaching Clinic

The teaching clinic is a vital part of the clinical training, where the theory of the class room is synthesised with practical experience. It provides students and graduates of the Welsh School of Homeopathy with an opportunity to:

all within a safe and supervised environment.

Clinics are available throughout the year to provide ongoing follow up care for the patients and to enable students to follow the progress of each patient . They are held from 10am - 5pm on alternate Fridays.


Nott Square Clinic offers members of the public the opportunity to experience homeopathic treatment at a greatly reduced fee, whilst still in the care of an experienced, qualified and licensed homeopath. Your consultation will be with a student or graduate of the School, in the presence of a professional homeopath. A video link enables other students to follow the process in a different part of the clinic.

The cost per consultation is only £15

Clinics are held on alternate Fridays throughout the year.

Room Rental

Nott Square Clinic has two clinic rooms available to rent out to practitioners at £20 per day – or half a day on a pro rata basis.

A large teaching room is also available to hire for seminars and courses. This can comfortably accommodate 15 people. Facilities include video, television, whiteboard, flipchart, OHP, as well as audio & video recording facilities. There is also a kitchen for the provision of refreshments etc.

Clinic Timetable

Month Clinician
5 May Linda
12 May Bill
2 June Linda
23 June Bill
14 July Linda
11 Aug Petra
8 Sept Bill
22 Sept Linda
6 Oct Bill
20 Oct Linda
3 Nov Bill
17 Nov Linda
1 Dec Bill
Month Clinician
5 Jan Linda
19 Jan Bill
2 Feb Linda
16 Feb Bill
2 March Linda
16 March Bill
6 April Linda
20 April Bill
4 May Linda
18 May Bill
8 June Linda
22 June Bill
13 July Linda
17 August Petra


All Clinics are held on a Friday from 10.00 – 17.00.


The Clinic is open to all students and graduates of the School – no need to book just come along on the day.

Course Requirements

Minimum attendance for each year groups:

Cost £20 for the day


17 Bridge Street,
SA31 3JS

Notts Square Clinic Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Welsh School of Homeopathy and manages and controls the School's premises. It also administers all clinics, the Foundation & Post Graduate years, Introductory & Continuing Professional Development courses, Anatomy and Pathology & Disease correspondence courses, Winter and Summer schools.