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Practitioner Course


Assessment is continual throughout the 4 years. At the end of each year we ask you to present us with a review of your journal which forms the basis of the end of year tutorial. We do not have exams! Your work is assessed on the basis of written assignments, the final year project and, of course, your case work. Each piece of work is also accompanied by a self assessment.

The DIPLOMA OF THE WELSH SCHOOL OF HOMEOPATHY will be awarded to participants who have completed their research project and their written assignments, attended at least 80% of classes in any given year and paid their fees in full. THIS IS NOT A LICENCE TO PRACTICE.

THE LICENTIATE OF THE WELSH SCHOOL OF HOMEOPATHY will only be awarded when stage two of the clinical training has been completed. It is in the interests of everyone and especially the community at large that the successful graduate will have displayed an ability to practise homeopathy safely, ethically, confidently and competently.