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Practitioner Course

Enrolment & Fees


The course begins in September. A limited number of places are available. The only qualification necessary is a sincere desire to study homeopathy and the successful completion of an interview. We actively encourage applicants from any social or ethnic background to apply for the course. It is the policy of the School that everyone is treated fairly and has an equal opportunity to fulfil his or her potential and is not subject to discrimination.

Should you wish to apply for an interview or discuss any questions informally please contact:

The Welsh School of Homeopathy
1 Springfield Cottages
Springfield Road
SA31 1EA
01267 237520


Fees are £1,799 per annum and are payable in 10 equal instalments from the beginning of September. THIS PRICE IS GUARANTEED NOT TO INCREASE DURING YOUR FOUR YEARS OF CONSECUTIVE STUDY. A £100 discount is offered if paid in one amount by 1st September. A non-refundable deposit of £100 is payable upon acceptance of a place on the course and is deducted from the first year’s fees. If paying by standing order, the adjustment is made in the final payment. These fees include all teaching, marking and tutorials.

Set books may cost approximately £250 in the first year.

Medical sciences are paid for separately as not all students need to participate. The cost for this 2-year home study correspondence course is £400 and includes the price of text books and marking.

Clinics cost £20 each for a 7-hour day and students are expected to attend a minimum of 3 clinic in the first year, 7 clinics in the second year and 8 in each of years three and four.

Supervision fees are negotiated individually with supervisors. Second year supervision costs approximately £40. Third and fourth year supervision is mainly paid for by the patients, but supervision of the first 5 cases may cost approximately £100 depending on the individual contract with your supervisor.

Society of Homoeopaths insurance costs approximately £75 pa. in the third and fourth year.

Post graduate course fees are £600 for the year - £50 discount for early booking.

CPD days with individual outside teachers are available at a cost of £65 per day.

Each year group is limited to a maximum of twenty people. A commitment to pay the annual fees in full is made as soon as you commence each year of studies. Fees must be paid up to date before the end of each school year before you are invited to continue further. A refund will only be considered in certain unforeseeable circumstances such as moving, pregnancy, bereavement, or at the discretion of the directors.