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Practitioner Course

First Year

The Course

Each college weekend consists of lectures with open discussion and workshops in case taking and materia medica. We use video techniques to view actual cases, and there is also a directed programme of home study and personal tuition.

As well as a core group of teachers, we are able to draw upon the skills and inspiration of visiting lecturers who are able to share their expertise with us and provide the necessary "breath of fresh air" that keeps the school so vibrant and alive. The course is of 4 years’ duration with an optional post-graduate year. Each year consists of ten weekends teaching - 10am-6pm on the Saturday and 10am-5pm on the Sunday. In December we have a Winter School weekend and in June we have a Summer School which runs from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon. At the Winter and Summer Schools, year groups study and work together, accompanied by guest lecturers.

Running alongside the teaching programme is the clinical training programme. Great emphasis is placed on this, with students eventually taking acute and chronic cases, under supervision, and sitting in and observing other Homœopaths at work.

The First Year – A Foundation Course

The first year of study forms the foundation for the professional training which commences at the beginning of the second year. After completion of the foundation year you will be competent to practise "First Aid" homeopathy for family and may then be invited to commence professional training. During the foundation year we will do a broad sweep of the Homeopathic curriculum. We will explore together the principles of Homeopathic philosophy drawing from your own experience as well as the philosophical material to hand.

We begin the study of Materia Medica and repertory and the therapeutics of common ailments e.g. epidemics, trauma and injury, as well as beginning the in depth study of the common remedies and their characteristics on the mental, emotional and physical levels.

We introduce the elements of case taking through lectures and workshops and begin to develop the skills of listening, observing, recording and analysis.

Further to our weekend studies there is a directed program of home study, assignments and self-assessment. Two assignments will be set at each weekend, to be handed in the following month.

You will also be asked to keep a journal of self reflection throughout the course. Personal tutorials are held on a twice-yearly basis and we actively encourage you to make us aware of any problems or issues that may have arisen.

You are requested to attend three of the School’s teaching clinics.

Upon successful completion of the foundation year a certificate will be awarded. Those who wish to do so may then apply to enter the second year where professional training begins in earnest.