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Welcome to the Welsh School of Homœopathy 2024 Post Graduate training course with Bill Rumble and Linda Gwillim.

This will take place at the School -

17 Bridge Street Carmarthen SA31 3JS on

22/23 February, 21/22 March, 25/26 April, 23/24 May 2024.

The cost for this course is £550 (or 4 payments of £150)

Our focus is on clinical practice and developing clinical skills: case taking,analysis, prescribing and case management. We are particularly interested in exploring the ‘Process’ of Homoeopathy: how we interact and engage with our patients and the energetic field of disease, how we incorporate our own signals while we work and, above all, what we NOTICE as well as what we think.

Homoeopathy is essentially about energy.

We aim to explore, through group exercise and live clinic cases, the energetic background to our practices.

We will explore the different phases of the case taking process:

  1. Receptivity, spaciousness and unhurried attention.
  2. Focus, attention and interaction
  3. Accurate analysis, identifying the nucleus of the case.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own cases, ideas and experiences to the group.

Linda and Bill have over 65 years of clinical experience between them but, rather than taking up an ‘expert position’, they seek to keep things simple and love to work in a way which encourages, motivates and inspires everyone to contribute to the process.

For more information or to book a place, please contact either

Linda on or

Bill on

Testimonials from the Post Grad course in 2022

I like the mix of philosophy, taking us back to the original writings and then to go on to explore later development of ideas. The exercises in case taking, on camera in a triad, were really beneficial - it validated that I can communicate but not necessarily on a purely ‘mental level’. The experience and awareness from this has continued, allowing me to learn more about me and the way that I work and live. …a big experience! The input of 2 experienced practitioners and teachers was invaluable - you both brought so much - thank you.


The post grad course has given me the confidence to start practicing again. I’m very excited. Previously, I had felt that I wasn’t qualified enough because I was rusty and out of practice. But, taking a case in the clinic setting during the course and the feedback that I received from you all, has made it clear that I absolutely can do it. Your feedback and the way you clarified your salient points was so help- ful; but more than that, empowering. The small group exercises demonstrated the practicalities of what you were putting across more effectively than years of lectures. I am not a fan of psychoanalysis or ‘methods’ but your way of looking at the case gets straight to the heart of it and really resonates with me. A huge life changing pleasure.


I can’t recommend this course highly enough. The opportunity to take cases on camera and then to analyse them (and your case taking skills) with everyone, was invaluable for me. Bill and Linda create a lovely, supportive environment so that you can make mistakes without fear of judgement and learn from them. My case taking has improved enormously as a result. Working on noticing and amplifying the body sensations and realising that the Vital Force is wanting to communicate with you was really helpful”


Throughout the course, I have grown in my own skills as a homoeopath. It was an organic process through which Linda and Bill responded to meet the needs of the students, who came from different training backgrounds and clinical experiences. They made it seamless due to their flexibility and deep knowledge of Homoeopathy. The approach that Linda and Bill teach, places the patient, with the intelligence of the Vital Force, at the very centre of the case taking, in a very practical way. It asks that I, as the practitioner, learn to follow this to inform my prescription. Over the 4 sessions, my case taking and observational skills were deepened and honed so that I feel more confident to be able to find the centre and energy of the case, balancing it with theory, in order to prescribe effectively. This has energised my practice which has subsequently become more spacious and fluid.


Continuing Professional Development 2021-2022

We are currently working on our CPD programme.

For further information contact:

Petra Wood
School Administrator
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Telephone: 01267 237520