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Postgraduate Course - 2020

We are delighted to invite you to participate in a Post Graduate Course offered by The Welsh School of Homeopathy.

After the great success of last few years, it is back by popular demand!

It will be facilitated together by our two core teachers -
Linda Gwillim and Bill Rumble.

This will take place at the School in Carmarthen and comprise of four two-day seminars (Thursdays/Fridays) 10-5pm:

  • January 16th/17th 2020
  • February 27th/28th
  • March 26th/27th
  • May 7th/8th

The total cost of the course will be £600 with a £50 discount for early booking.

There will be a limited number of places available for the course, which will be open to all interested homeopaths - so we would encourage you to book early.

Revitalise and Enliven Your Practice

“The physician sees, hears, and notices through the remaining senses what is altered or unusual about the patient”.

Aphorism 84

During the course, our focus will be on the process rather than the content.

We will be practising incorporating our own signals through seeing, hearing, feeling and sensing - this will be done through group work and creative exercises. In other words, exploring what we do naturally but often ignore!

We will also be working with ‘live’ clinic patients to put our learning into practice.

Participants will also be fully encouraged to bring along their cases and experiences to act as material from which to expand this process.

Linda and Bill aim to co-facilitate this course which will hopefully encourage lively debate and a sharing of the different styles and dynamics brought to our individual homeopathic practices. Between them they have a wealth of practice experience!

Please feel free to contact them if you have any questions related to the course.

  • Bill - 01792 468937
  • Linda - 01654 700304

If you would like to join this Post Graduate course then please download & complete the application form below.

We really hope to see you there!

Payment Details:

  • £550 (payment prior to Dec 1 2019)
  • £600 - as a later booking

(Please phone Linda if you would prefer to pay in 4 x £150 instalments.)

Please make your cheque payable to: Notts Square Clinic Ltd. and send your cheque to:

Linda Gwillim
Covent House
Maengwyn Street
SY20 8EB

Booking Form

For further information contact:

Petra Wood
School Administrator
1 Springfield Cottages
Springfield Road
SA31 1EA
Telephone: 01267 237520

Continuing Professional Development 2019-2020

Touching Base With Trauma - Elizabeth Adalian

October 14th 2019, 10:00 to 17:30

In this seminar Elizabeth sets out to explore why trauma can be so hard to resolve, not only with Homoeopathy but with any medical discipline.

Through the ancestral approach, it can be ascertained that the trauma response is ‘calibrated’ at birth, representing a culmination of the parents’ pre-existing lifestyle choices, belief systems and experiences, as well as their exposure to injected and inhaled toxins (epigenetics).

Elizabeth Adalian

By exploring behind the miasm through the early susceptibility to trauma, the case can be ‘excavated’ to enable a full reversal of symptoms. The primal years hold the key to understanding those aspects which dictate the reaction to future life challenges and disease susceptibility.

Many remedies will be explored in this context, including some lesser known ones: Agaricus, Bufo, Hura, Laurocerasus Off, Mancinella, Morphinum, Saccharum.

Elizabeth Adalian

Elizabeth has been in practice for over 30 years. It was while working in the former Yugoslavia, after the war there, that she realised it was not so much the exposure to war that affected each individual but more what they brought to it from their formative years. This concept has brought transformative results to her cases here in the UK. She has written numerous articles on trauma and Homoeopathy, culminating in her recent book ‘Touching Base with Trauma’. Elizabeth has taught extensively across the UK and abroad. She is a member of the editorial team for ‘Homoeopathy in Practice’.

Download Boooking Form

The Practice of Homoeopathy as utilised by Compton Burnett Dion Tabrett

January 13th 2020, 10:00 to 17:30

James Compton Burnett (1840-1901) always championed ‘free thought’ in medical matters. He was a legendary prescriber and author. His results with Homoeopathy were outstanding with cured cases of pathologies including TB and malignant tumours.

One of the main components to such success was his differentiation between the symptomatic similimum and the pathological similimum. Dion will explore, define and give clinical examples of both.

Dion Tabrett

“The fact is that we need any and every way of finding the right remedy; the simple simile, the simple symptomatic similimum and, the farthest reach of all, the pathological similimum.

I maintain that we are still well within the lines of the homoeopathy that is

expansive, progressive, science fostered, science fostering and world conquering.”

Dion Tabrett

Dion graduated from the London College of Homoeopathy in 1992. He also has a BSc in Natural Sciences and an MSc in Molecular Biology -both focusing on human biology. He has recently become the ‘Clinical Skills and Casework’ module leader at the Centre for Homoeopathic Education BSc course in London.

Dion practices in Bristol and works closely with Mike Bridger at the Contemporary College - they also run the Orion Post Graduate course together.

Dion is a self confessed Compton Burnett ‘geek’, an ‘anorak’ of the highest degree, and is the author of the book ‘Burnett Rediscovered’ published in 2017.

Download Booking form

Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology from a Homoeopathic Perspective - Nette Humphreys

March 9th 2020, 10:00 to 17:30

What are the physical symptoms expressing about a person? How is this reflected in the emotional picture? What are the symptoms saying that the person is not verbalising?

It can be a minefield when the case is full of pathology and multiple medications. This day will be spent exploring how not to get overwhelmed by all the information that this brings and to see how it all fits with the bigger picture.

Nette Humphreys

Nette is a very interactive teacher who loves A&P/P&D. She will be inviting you to get inside your own body to explore your own bodily sensations - this will then act as a useful tool for case taking with your patients.

Nette also welcomes any of your cases to be discussed - so bring them along with you.

Nette Humphreys

Nette qualified from the Sheffield Classical College of Homoeopathy in 1998. She has also been influenced by the work of Jeremy Sherr and Rajan Sankaran.

Access to homoeopathic treatment has always been important to Nette so she runs a half price teaching clinic and also runs introductory courses for acute/first aid situations in the home.

She is a ‘full time’ homoeopath, aiming to keep things simple with classical but sometimes ’funky’ prescriptions.

Nette was very involved with the Rabbit proving.

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See also Post Graduate course

For further information contact:

Petra Wood
School Administrator
1 Springfield Cottages
Springfield Road
SA31 1EA
Telephone: 01267 237520

Exploring the Field

4–7th July 2019

Exploring the Field

Life in modern cultures is often accompanied by an inner restlessness and an inability to focus and remain still. Indigenous cultures regard this as a misalignment of fiery energy.

Exploring the field combines west African musical and ritual forms with our own indigenous nature and environment to create a fusion which is dynamic, non-hierarchical and exhilarating.

Our purpose this year will be to work creatively with fire energy through ritual, music, environmental art and theatre to dramatise, symbolise and thus befriend our fiery natures.

We will create community through individual exploration and group work, culminating in a fire ritual.

Exploring the Field began life in 1996 as a summer school for students of the Welsh School of Homoeopathy. Its purpose was to provide an alternative to “head based learning” and to create a real and lasting sense of community. These summer schools were based around the West African rituals taught by Malidoma Some. In 2003 Exploring the Field opened itself up to anyone who was interested in participating in 4 days of music, dance, environmental art, ritual and community.

Ritual belongs somewhere between theatre and play and lends itself to spontaneous creativity. Each year we celebrate an element of the West African cosmology. These elements are effective because the emphasis is on community rather than individuality and participation rather than passive receiving of the experience.

Bill Rumble is a homoeopath and teacher who has always been excited by the role of ritual, art and music in the fields of health and community. He has been a co-developer of Exploring the Field since 2003.

Linda Gwillim is a homoeopath and teacher. She is fascinated by the ritual process and loves to facilitate the space for others to experience this. Singing is her passion and she leads both community choirs and small acapella groups.

Boyd Erlam is a community music facilitator of wide experience. His workshops are inclusive, playful and engaging. Boyd developed a love of the music of West Africa after being inspired by its ability to bring people together in community and celebration.

Exploring the Field will take place at Moorlake Woods in Gower, a beautiful 80 acre oak woodland. This is a wilderness experience without the usual home comforts.

The cost is £180 inclusive of all meals and camping.

For more information please contact Bill on 01792 468937, Linda on 01654 700304 or email