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Practitioner Course

Third Year

During this year we begin to discuss strategies for long-term case management. The emphasis is on developing good and practical relationships with patients and developing the "Art of Homeopathy" which encompasses "bedside manner", ethical considerations and the "magic" which each individual can bring to the aid of their patients.

Clinical training continues with the beginning of stage 2. (Before embarking on this you must obtain your student insurance.) Basically, this involves taking a minimum of 5 constitutional cases with the supervisor present, the next 9 cases may then be taken without the supervisor present, although a prescription is not made without the supervisor’s consent. The final case is also taken in the presence of the supervisor so that final feedback may be given. Stage 2 takes approximately 2 years to complete at which point the trainee will provide 15 cases to the clinical director with the supervisor’s final report.

You will be requested to attend 8 of the school Friday clinics and are encouraged to sit in and observe as many different practitioners as possible in order to broaden your experience.

Home study intensifies in the third year and you will begin formulating your ideas for a research project to be undertaken towards the end of the third year and during the fourth.